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aktuelle Publikationen und Preprints am Lehrstuhl (nach 2000)

Gauss-Manin connection associated with bouquets of curves, (übers.), (mit A.G.Aleksandrov)
St.Petersburg Math.J. 14 (2003) 3, 1-18
Algorithmic Computation of Flattenings and of Modular Deformations ,
J. Symbolic Computation (2002) 34, 199-212
Modular Deformations and Space Curve Singularities,
Rev. Mat. Iberoam. 19 (2003), 2, 613-621
Discrete and modular deformations of singualrities. Applications,
            Final scientific report to G.I.F., 2004, 30 pages
Deformations with section: Cotangent cohomology, flatness and modular subspaces (übers.), (mit T.Hirsch)
J.Math. Sci. (N.Y.) 132 (2006), 6, 739-756   
Modular strata of deformation functors, (mit T.Hirsch)
in: Computational Commutative and Non-commutative Algebraic Geometry, (2005) IOS Press, Amsterdam, 156-166.
Modular lines for singularities of the T-series,
             in: Real and Complex Singularities, Birkhäuser 2006, 219-228
Milnor algebras could be isomorphic to modular algebras, (mit H.Süß),
            in: J. Symbolic Computation 44(2009), 1268-1279; Version: arXiv:math/0703449

Gluing affine torus actions via divisorial fans, Hendrik Süß (with Klaus Altmann and Jürgen Hausen),
            Transformation Groups, 13 (2008), no. 2, 215--242, arXiv:math/0606772v2 [math.AG]

Algebraic Geometry Codes from Polyhedral Divisors, Hendrik Süß (with Nathan Ilten),
            Journal of Symbolic Computation 45 (2010),no. 7, 734-756, DOI:10.1016/j.jsc.2010.03.008,

Torus invariant divisors, Hendrik Süß (with Lars Petersen),

Canonical divisors on T-varities, Hendrik Süß,

The Cox ring of an algebraic variety with torus action, Hendrik Süß(with Jürgen Hausen),
            Advances in Mathematics, Volume 225, Issue 2, 1 October 2010, Pages 977-1012, DOI:doi:10.1016/j.aim.2010.03.010,
           preprint: arXiv:0903.4789

On Octahedral Galois-Reflection Tower of Picard Modular Congruence Subgroups, Maria Petkova (with R.-P.Holzapfel),
            in: Geometry and Arithmetic around Galios Theory School Istanbul, to appear in Birkhäuser-Progress in Mathematics.

Multigraded Factorial Rings and Fano varieties with torus action , Hendrik Süß(with Elaine Herppich and Jürgen Hausen),

Polarized Complexity-One T-Varieties , Hendrik Süß(with Nathan Ilten),

Normal Singularities with torus action , Hendrik Süß(with Alvaro Liendo),

A Symbolic Approach to Generation and Analysis of Finite Difference Schemes of Partial Differential Equations , Bernd Martin (with Viktor Levandovskyy),
            in: Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing, Springer 2012,

Cox rings and pseudoeffective cones of projectivized toric vector bundles , Hendrik Süß(with Jose Gonzalez, Milena Hering, Sam Payne),

Discriminant and Singualirities of Logarithmic Gauss Map, Examples and Application, Bernd Martin (with Dmitry Pochekutov),
            J.Sib.Fed.Univ. Maths&Physics 2013, 6(1), 74-85; Version als Preprint arXiv:1202.4659.