Analysis and Simulation of Flows for Multicomponent Gas-Mixtures


The project's subjects were the theoretical analysis and the development of numerical methods for the simulation of unviscous flows of gas-mixtures. The reliable calculation of pure flow phenomena and coupling to chemical reaction mechanism were it's goals.

An example of the complex behaviour of gas-mixtures is the instability of contact-discontinuities between different gases, which can be seen in modell-problems like Richtmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor instability very clearly.Their accurate simulation requires numerical methods with a strong theoretical background, because conventional approximate Riemann-Solver tend to create unphysical pressure oscillations near contact-discontinuities. The correct approximation of propagation velocities in combustion processes still poses fundamental difficulties.

Using simple modell-problems, known numerical methods were analysed and modified to master the mentioned difficulties. To verify these discretisations, they were applied to practical relevant multicomponent gas flows.

This Work was supported by the DFG-Priority Research Program 'Analysis and Numerics of Conservation Laws' and ended 2003.

Final publication:
Ralf Deiterding and Georg Bader
High-resolution simulation of detonations with detailed chemistry
In G. Warnecke, editor, Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws, pages 69-91, Springer, Berlin, 2005.
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Georg Bader
Ralf Deiterding

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