Chair of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Conference on Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis

March 15 to 20, 2001 - Burg/Spreewald

W. Freudenberg (Cottbus),      M. Schürmann (Greifswald),      K.-H. Fichtner (Jena)
From March 15 to 20, 2001 the Brandenburgische Technische Universitšt Cottbus in collaboration with Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitšt Greifswald and Friedrich-Schiller-Universitšt Jena is organizing a Conference on "Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis" in Burg/Spreewald.
The theme of the conference is quantum probability and infinite dimensional analysis. Both fields have undergone rapide and intensive developments in the past few years and have highly interdisciplinary character with deep connections to classical probability theory and stochastic analysis, physics, operator theory and other fields of research.
L. Accardi (Roma)
G. Amosov (Moscow)
F. Bagarello (Palermo)
B.V.R. Bhat (Bangalore)
V.P. Belavkin (Nottingham)
A. Ben Ghorbal (Nancy)
M. Bieniek (Lublin)
M. Bozejko (Wroclaw)
C. Cecchini (Udine)
A. Chebotarev (Moscow)
E. Emel'yanov (Tübingen)
F. Fagnola (Genova)
K.-H. Fichtner (Jena)
F. Fidaleo (Roma)
U. Franz (Greifswald)
W. Freudenberg (Cottbus)
N. Gebhardt (Stuttgart)
R. Gohm (Greifswald)
S. Goldstein (Lodz)
D. Goswami (Bonn)
M. Gregoratti (Milano)
M. Guta (Nijmegen)
F. Haag (Stuttgart)
J. Hellmich (Stuttgart)
U. Hermisson (Greifswald)
R.L. Hudson (Nottingham)
K. Inoue (Tokyo)
F. Karsten (Stuttgart)
S. Kläre (München)
S. Kozyrev (Moscow)
I. Krolak (Wroclaw)
B. Kümmerer (Stuttgart)
T. Lang (Stuttgart)
R. Lenczewski (Wroclaw)
V. Liebscher (München)
J.M. Lindsay (Nottingham)
M. Marciniak (Gdansk)
W. Mlotkowski (Wroclaw)
A. Nou (Besancon)
N. Obata (Nagoya)
F. Oravecz (Budapest)
R. Pfleiderer (Stuttgart)
A. Phan (Strasbourg)
W. Preuss (Cottbus)
N. Privault (La Rochelle)
J.-L. Sauvageot (Paris)
M. Schieber (Stuttgart)
K. Schubert (Cottbus)
M. Schürmann (Greifswald)
M. Skeide (Cottbus)
L. Steiner (Stuttgart)
A.V. Tchourkin (Moscow)
A. Uhlmann (Leipzig)
W.v. Waldenfels (Heidelberg)
I. Wilde (London)
S. Wills (Nottingham)
L. Wojakowski (Wroclaw)
J. Wysoczanski (Wroclaw)
J. Zacharias (Nottingham)

This is the programme for conference with titles of talk.
This are the submitted abstracts of talks:   DVI - File     PS - File     PDF - File.
The conference is located at the Landhotel Burg in Burg/Spreewald, a nice village about 25 km in the northwest of Cottbus. Landhotel Burg im Spreewald
03096 Burg
Ringchaussee 125
For further details concerning the conference place we refer to the website
The hotel is situated about 10 km from the highway exit Vetschau. See also this drawing.