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The third workshop on Nonlinear PDEs and Financial Mathematics will be held in Cottbus, Germany, May 17-20, 2006. It continues a good tradition, founded in 2004 in Leipzig, Germany when L. A. Bordag and R. Frey organized the first workshop on Nonlinear PDEs and Financial Mathematics. In 2005 a second workshop took place in Halmstad, Sweden.

The goals of this workshop are to bring together researchers, students, graduate students, and practitioners from both, academic world and industry, working on the same problems of financial mathematics; to promote the exchange of ideas, and to stress the cooperation between Swedish and German groups working on this area. New developments in Financial Mathematics demand diversity of mathematical methods to solve arising problems in a proper way. In the workshop specialists in different areas of Mathematics - geometrical analysis, optimizations theory, numerical methods, stochastic analysis - intent to discuss new models in Financial Mathematics. It is our purpose to encourage students and graduate students to participate in discussions of current problems.

We ask all speakers to submit titles and short abstracts of their talks until 20th of April.


May 17, Morning : Participants arrival
May 17, Afternoon - May 19 : Workshop dates
May 20 : Excursion


Prof. Ljudmila A. Bordag, Halmstad University, Sweden
Prof. Sabine Pickenhain, BTU Cottbus, Germany
Prof. Rüdiger Frey, University of Leipzig, Germany


Prof. Sabine Pickenhain, e-mail:
Prof. Michael Fröhner, e-mail:
Dr. Alina Y. Chmakova, e-mail:

For the further questions/remarks/wishes please contact the local organizing committee.