Waves and Instabilities in Fluids
Mathematik Diplom Hauptstudium
Physik Diplom Hauptstudium
Hydroinformatics and Water Management Master (PO 2011)
Angewandte Mathematik Master
Physik Master
Modul 11230 Research Methodology and European Language Skills
Modul 13440 Waves and Instabilities in Fluids
1. Hydrodynamic basic equations:
Euler, Navier-Stokes, continuity, energy, concentration(s)
2. Surface waves:
Potentional flow, deep and shallow water, solitones, Tsunamis, capillary waves
3. Instabilities:
general principles, bifurcation theory, classification
4. Unstable systems: Kelvin-Helmholtz, Rayleigh-Taylor, convection, mixtures, thin films

P. K. Kundi, Fluid Mechanics;
H. Lamb, Hydrodynamics;
T. E. Faber, Fluid Dynamics for Physicists
Lehrstuhl Statistische Physik und Nichtlineare Dynamik
Institut für Physik und Chemie