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NOTE: The parts of this documentation which explain the concepts follow the pattern of the STL Documentation, it may be helpful consulting its sections Introduction and Usage of the documentation.

  • Grid Entities
  • Grid Entity Concept
  • Grid Element Concept
  • Grid Vertex Concept
  • Grid Edge Concept
  • Grid Facet Concept
  • Grid Face Concept
  • Grid Cell Concept
  • Grid Element Handle Concept
  • Vertex (Cell, Edge, ...) Handle Concept
  • Grid Iterators
  • Grid Sequence iterator Concept
  • Grid Incidence Iterator Concept
  • Grid Vertex (Edge, Facet, Cell ...) Iterator Concept
  • Vertex-On-Cell (-Facet, ...) Iterator Concept
  • Cell-On-Cell Iterator Concept
  • Grids and Grid Ranges
  • Grid Range Concept
  • Grid Concept
  • Cell-Vertex Input Grid Range
  • Vertex (Edge, Cell, ...) Grid Range Concept
  • Grid-With-Boundary Concept
  • Grid Functions
  • Grid Element Function Concept
  • Grid Function Concept
  • Mutable Grid Function Concept
  • Container Grid Function Concept
  • Total Grid Function Concept
  • Partial Grid Function Concept
  • Grid Geometries
  • Vertex Grid Geometry Concept
  • Volume Grid Geometry Concept

  • Guntram Berti

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